The worries of new authors and app developers

Attending my first meet-up for authors confirmed even more the similarities between budding authors and app developers. Speaking with a science fiction comedy writer my ignorance showed pretty quickly when the best example I could come up with was Douglas Adam's Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. Still we discussed the challenges one faces from beginning of the project to getting it in front of those who it's been created for.

The marketing challenges are the same.  One could write pure gold for a specific sub group of readers. How will those readers find it though without the proper marketing? 

This post narrates how an author earns by not only writing but following that up with various marketing activities. It would seem writing is just part of the story. Perhaps the same holds true for app developers. Creating the app is just part of it. After that there are a myriad of activities that still need to be done in order to be successful. 

The meet-up was organised by author C. Change who writes science fiction. She shared insights and challenges when working with publishers. Still I couldn't help but feel that self publishing has a stigma hanging over it. Perhaps I'm wrong. After all I'm still a newbie in this new space. 

Duolir as a concept landed well and feedback was positive. So much so that some authors might be interested in contributing. Some have older works not actively being sold which are in various states of translation. This could be an outlet for that. So keep an eye out for new works on Duolir shortly.