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Language improvement through the creativity of native speakers

As a professional language teacher, I highly recommend this ingenious app which will aid your language learning. And at the same time it’s enjoyable. a reader first of all, is that this app is just fantastic!
Thanks to you for having such a wonderful app. Honestly, you got me inspired to write more

Read to Learn

Imagine reading a story in French. Completely immersed in the beauty of the language.

It's not easy! Nuances can be daunting.

Wouldn't it be nice to simply touch a sentence and watch it magically change to your native tongue? A human curated translation of each sentence. A subtitle, if you will. No different than a movie. Now you're in control, however. 


Meticulously written by multilingual authors

Multilinguals who enjoy writing, work with us to create amazing stories. Some writers create and translate their own work. Others translate existing classics from the public domain. There's something for everyone. Best of all, is the opportunity to improve your language skills through the creative works of a native speaker.

These are but a few of the titles that have been published recently and we're adding more frequently.


Carefully crafted

TAP a sentence, to switch to your language. It's that simple.

The process starts with wonderful content from great authors. Translation is added and the two are meticulously welded together to create a new kind of book. The likes of which not seen before.

Get started with your sample books and see how the technology works.  When ready purchase books for a whole new reading experience.