Are we creating a more multi lingual world?

Thanks to technology and transportation improvements, the world is shrinking. In greater numbers we're given the opportunity to travel for work or pleasure. Yet we can still stay connected with love ones and share our experiences. 

Buy experiences over products

The mantra is familiar but keeps popping up in web articles from time to time. I can only agree though one must also note that it doesn't mean it will be perfect. As humans though perhaps that uncertainty is what makes it so interesting at the same time. 

Before a trip I often get queasy. Like if I could back out right then, I just might. Anything can happen while traveling. And sometimes it does. The "news media" thrives on reminding us of that. 

Most of the time, I comeback feeling privileged and lucky. Enthusiastically I share those experiences with others, encouraging them to do the same.

My personal favourite is still South Africa, a truly remarkable country. In Johannesburg, I was told to be vigilant. Not especially my cup of thee. But the parks outside the city are amazing. Seeing wildlife in their environment is thrilling. Even though most of the time they're just chilling in the grass.

How does all this related to the question of a multi lingual world? As productivity increases, more of us will have opportunities to travel and enjoy the world around us. We might take more interest in each others' culture and yes, the language that shapes so much of that culture. 

There are critical benefits that come with all of that. Varying the stimulus to our brains improves creativity. Of course there's the opportunity to learn (the good things) from other cultures. In turn we can share some of ours with them.

This is not a "kumbaya" story though. Not everything will go your way. You'll make new friends but also likely to find people you don't like. The story "Trapped by my own will in Pikachu land" discusses just topic. It experiences like that, which shape and refine your character. Don't shy away!