Could you explain Duolir in more detail?

Sure. Pick a book. It's important to select the top language as the language you're learning, while the sub is the language you're comfortable with. If you speak English natively and would like to learn French, you would pick a book like this: 

"Voyage au centre de la Terre" in French - English

You simply start reading the French story. Say that first sentence is confusing, simply tap on it. It will be replaced. Instead you'll be shown the English interpretation.

One sentence is used here as an example. It can be two sentences at times and sometimes a single sentence is broken up in shorter sections. 

Why is Duolir better?

It's not. It's different. We're not replacing any existing language programs. These have a single dedicated purpose. To teach you a language. So...?

Spending an hour or more a day just to master a language, seemed kind of tedious. A whole lot of self motivation is required. Why can't we enjoy language learning in a similar way we relax with a book? Why can't we read on the train, for example, and improve without thinking about it? Why can't it just be entertaining instead of feeling like an obligation? Duolir is our answer to these questions.

Does Duolir support audio?

For pronunciation, audio is very useful especially for beginners. There are great deal of tools that teach the basics quite well. Our goal is to provide a book experience. We're hoping you might even forget you're learning a language and simply read for the love of reading. Audio does not fit into that experience right now. 

If you feel you do need some language basics practice, here are some excellent suggestions for beginners with audio: 

Does Duolir also offer comic books?

We'd really, really love to offer comics as well. For the moment, it's challenging though. Since we already have a bunch of those on our hands we'll have to come back to you on this. 

What if I don't have a credit card?

To purchase apps or make in-app purchases from the App Store a form of payment is needed. If you're not comfortable adding your credit card info, consider using iTunes gift cards. These work just as well and keep you safe since you're not required to share your bank details with anyone. 

They are available at lots of places. See "Where can I purchase iTunes gift cards" for more details.  

How billing works on iTunes and App Store. 

Apple's support page for more details on payment methods

Here Apple explains how to add payment info to your account (Apple ID). 

Where can I purchase iTunes gift cards?

If you'd like an iTunes gift card, either for yourself, or someone else you find these at many supermarkets. Here in The Netherlands, I've spotted them at the Albert Hein supermarket, Blokker, Dixons, MediaMarktPrimera, etc. 

Other countries, probably sell them at similar outlets. If you're really having trouble finding them, it's possible to purchase them directly from Apple



Can anyone publish? 

We're looking to create a great but also different reading experience. Ideal authors are those who master two or more languages and are also capable of creating content, readers will enjoy.

What kind of content can I publish?

We won't police your content, apart from the stuff Apple won't allow either. Mostly this is common sense stuff. The full list can be found here