The top 5 global languages

All of the books on Duolir are in some combination of English. One of our best sellers, Chiara's "Lacrime di Drago" for example, is Italian - English. One of our proudest though, is Samuel's "GWIJI WA MBIO ZA NYIKA", "The marathon champion" in Swahili - English.

All Duolir Authors command various degrees of English. It was also the easiest option when creating While paying out authors for March 2015, Bogdan suggested perhaps a Russian version of the site could help sales. He was even helped out with the translation. 

That kicked off a chain reaction. It's true. Only those who understand English are able to really see what the Duolir app is about. Who are these others? These non-English speakers who might be interested in learning it though? Naturally Wikipedia was my first source. But then I found this: 

Worlds top languages graphic


What's slightly misleading, is that the languages are orderd by native speakers. In total numbers English is leading the chart with 1.8 Billion Speakers. Sure they're not all native but does that matter? There are after all a fair share of non-native speakers who speak better English than native speakers. 

That being said, there's a clear need for those other languages. Those whom might enjoy our books to improve their English skills. How do we go about reaching out them? We're still working out our strategies an tactics on this one. And perhaps more importantly getting help from the experts. 

Speaking just a subset of the top 5 languages would allow you to access to a greater majority of information and knowledge. An increasingly connected world will soon start to demand these language skills.

Already many large companies are branching out to emerging markets. On the other hand companies in those emerging markets are also looking to reach the developed markets. Often they can offer great services at better prices.  Language, communication and culture is an essential part of that. Without understanding those, the partnerships can be at greater risk. We like to think we're helping to address that.