'Smart TV' should really mean 'Smart TV'

I got my hair cut today. After the routine description and a few jokes, the friendly young lady set to it. It was a comment from her colleague, I think, that kicked off the conversation topic. "Adam zoekt Eva" (Adam seeks Eve) it would seem, is starting a new season. 

"What possesses people to signup for that show?" She asks rhetorically. "I would never....". As soon as she said it though, she looks at me "...I suppose you're going to tell me that you signed up for it..." a little worried now that she might have just insulted the customer.

Of course I reply with "Yes. I would like nothing more". 

In reality though I'm more curious about the viewers. Yes, signing up for a show to wander naked on a deserted island, pretending to be looking for love, is odd. But what about the people who then then take a nice comfortable seat on their couch to watch the naked people parade about the island? Isn't that just a little bit weirder? These are not swimsuit models...there's little grooming, if any. So there's not even that...

To be fair, I'm probably not the the target audience. But who is? And why?

There are show I do enjoy. National Geographic for example is awesome. Just recently I started watching the BBC Planet Earth series (again) and Cosmos. Here's a little video to give you a sense of why I enjoy these shows so much. The song is great but combined with the high quality video, it's breath taking. One of my favourite is the waterfall view. 

And then there're the guilty pleasure shows like "House of cards" and "The Americans".

All this to say, shows can be entertaining and educational. But I like watching them on my terms. This is why I don't actually have a TV box anymore. They are expensive and then one has to supplement that with an expensive cable bill. In stead, I just use my computer and iPad. There's plenty of stuff on youtube and other sources. 

Hopefully it means I don't waste time channel surfing. But perhaps it means I just find another way to waste time.