How to create a public profile on Mytoori

This "How To" post is for authors who've signed up to create bilingual stories. If you'd like to join, you can find more information on the authors page

As an author you probably have already seen the changes in the CMS. I know some of you don't like the green color (officially "Teal") but here's the thing:  Changing it is not that straight forward! - I know that sounds silly but it's true. Eventually you'll grow to love it though. Like an ugly dog that's sweet in it's own way.

But it's not just the colours that are new. We have new features. This of course also means I probably broke a few things along the way. If you run into to trouble, feel free to fire off one or more angry emails. Those are better than coffee. At least from a getting work done perspective. 

Author Profile

Each author has a place with details such language skills and background. What you share, if you choose to share anything, is up to you.

Click on the image in the top right corner to view and update your profile. For most of you it will not have much details. To change this, click the edit button. Now you can enter your name, twitter and facebook accounts. It's ok if you don't want to enter Facebook just yet, but twitter is kind of important.

Why twitter

The unique ID you create on twitter will also be used as your public profile id.

Example: My profile is because @giwan is my twitter id. 

If you don't have twitter yet, I highly recommend creating an account. It's easy and you won't have to do much with it if you don't want. That said, it's great for getting the word out about your work. I think most of you will want to see more readers for the stuff you write, si? 

Facebook is optional

If you choose to enter your Facebook ID it means that visitors will only see the part of your profile that's public. They won't see your friends!  On the other hand if you want your readers to know who you are and what you're write about you're likely to increase sales. 

Your profile picture

I must confess something. I'm lazy! No it's true. Even the spiders packed up and left their cobwebs complaining that I never clean the house. So why am I telling you? you know I'm going to assume many of you don't. But it's great. It lets you create an account with an email address and add a profile photo.

Signup on using the email address you use here on the mytoori system. After you add a profile photo on, your profile picture will be ready.

Bonus: If you create an account somewhere else that supports gravatar, they will use the same picture. Isn't that easy? In my defence, I reiterate, I'm lazy.


One of the great things is that everyone has some nice language skills to show. That should be front and centre in your profile. You'll see that you can easily add languages and then indicate between 1 to 5 how good you are at that language. 5 in this case meaning you're at native bilingual levels.

From my prospective this part should be straight forward, but again, if you have trouble - send angry email. Things like: 

"In what world is this straight forward?"  "Did you 'design and code' this or was a monkey just banging on the keyboard?" - The key is to get creative. 

Book Profile

Your books also have a public profile. A published book has a nice cover and description and translation information that goes along with that. We want to show these details online to potential readers. 

Click the edit button on one of your stories, you'll see a bunch of new fields. If your book has been published, it also has a cover. That cover can be found here That's a temporary website I setup to show case our books. Right click on your cover image and choose "Open Image in new tab". Now copy the url of that image. Back in the CMS system you can pate this cover link when editing your book. Save it and the CMS will update with the new cover. 

Fill out the other fields, click update and then the publish button. Doing so will make sure that anyone with the link can see you profile as well as your book's. 

So what is this link. As soon as you update your twitter information in your profile, it can be accessed with this link:<yourtwitterid>


In Summary

This is really for those of you who are not tired of my ranting just yet.

The whole point of your author profile and you book profile is to give your work more visibility. That helps our readers find us which in turn helps us. We know language learners and enthusiasts like what we're doing. Let's work together to show them what we've created. 

We have authors from all over the world (I'm thinking of a feature to make this visual). From Asia, Africa, South America and Europe. If you share your profile on twitter, Facebook, blogs etc. you're not only helping your own book sales, perhaps more importantly you're helping your fellow bilingual authors.