Create your bilingual stories or choose a classic

Create your own stories or choose from wonderful classics 

 Translate your story by adding a second language to it

Translate your story, creating something unique in the process

 Publish your bilingual story in Duolir

Publish in Duolir where readers purchase your stories and improve their skills

 Duolir bookstore with bilingual stories

Why write for Duolir?

Our readers want more than just a nice story. You combine your language, and writing skills, to create a unique reading experience. Plus you earn 50% of each sale

Not only are you creating a unique experience, readers are coming from all over the world. Their incentive is to better their skills and read a fun story in the process. For you it means a chance to earn a little something while sharing your culture and skills with the rest of the world. 


How does it work?


Write story

Write a short story of 3000 words or more. If you're not keen on writing your own just yet,  choose a classic tale which has no copyright and publish that. By adding in the translation you're still creating something valuable for readers. 

Of course you write in the language you're most comfortable with. The translation is added in the next step. The more language skills you have the better.

Add translation

Using our unique online book system you add in the translation. There you easily add paragraphs of text up to about 30 words and link that with the corresponding text in the second language. Each story is always a combination of two languages. For example English - Spanish. For each story you write we sell two versions.

Language 1 - Language 2

Language 2 - Language 1

Publish with Duolir

Once ready, we work with you to come up with a nice cover and set a price. Mostly we let you decide on the price but try to offer guidance so as to make sure the reader will be happy as well.

After approval from Apple, the work is published in the app. From that point readers are able to purchase and enjoy it. 

 This is the duolir cms - how to create bilingual stories

Our writers use the mytoori system to manage the link between languages.